The Crucible of Storms, the Fury of the Ocean, the Destroyer


A cresting ocean wave destroying a mountain

Home Plane:

Elemental Plane of Water


Oceans, waves, currents, Water, destruction, storms, rage


Pirates, seafaring peoples, fishermen, warriors, murderers, berserkers, the insane


Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Hatred, War, Water

Favored Weapon:

“Claw of Storms” (trident)


The Ilith’ari were all created from aspects of the personality of the One. Xi’rian was no exception. However, from his very creation there was something different about him. Xi’rian was temperamental and cruel. From the moment he stepped foot upon Sidereus, he created the forces of the crashing waves and he set out to unmake the works of his brothers and sisters. Xi’rian knows only destruction and violent tumult. The Destroyer has the greatest impact upon the seas of Sidereus where he causes violent storms, hurricanes and typhoons that tear at the shores and make it amazingly dangerous for them to venture out on the sea. Xi’rian often appears as an imposing figure, heavily muscled – with hair so black that it shines blue in the light. His eyes are a deep blue like the sea at night; his face is always carved into a frown. Whenever he ventures out in physical form, he has his weapon, the Claw of Storms, at his side and ready for battle.


Xi’rian has no friends, though Onûs and Gilana are his erstwhile allies. Xi’rian trusts neither of them at all, since it is not in Xi’rian’s nature to trust. Xi’rian and Sûldin have a long-running rivalry, as Xi’rian constantly strives to tear apart the coastal regions of Sidereus with fierce storms and giant waves. There is also a significant amount of bad blood between Xi’rian and Roëna as their spheres of control tend to conflict. Much of the remainder of the pantheon believes Xi’rian to be a fool and a dullard, and barely consider him a threat outside of his obvious effects on Sidereus and its people.


The world is a fickle and ever-changing sphere, where only the strong survive. Take what you want by force, and lash out at anyone who tries to take things from you, for the seas could come crashing down upon you at any moment. Do not show mercy to anyone, for mercy sows weakness, and weakness displeases Xi’rian. The only true beauty can be found in the wake of utter destruction. Do not strive to create, only strive to harden yourself so that you may become strong in the face of all adversity. Make your mark on the world and give glory to Xi’rian for you are like dust before his might.

Clergy & Temples:

The followers of Xi’rian have no church as such, but they do band together on rare occasion to revel at the awesome power of hurricanes, typhoons, and other such phenomenon. Clerics of Xi’rian are all trained in at least one form of combat, and many of them know some amount of arcane magic which they make use of almost solely for its destructive capacity. Clerics of Xi’rian wear robes that are a dark green in color with a grayish-blue or grey trim. Any manner of hierarchy is determined by who is the most powerful; as such there are frequent duels and battles between various members of Xi’rian’s clergy. It is believed that Xi’rian supports this behavior, and it is rumored that on rare occasion Xi’rian will appear in avatar form to participate in such power struggles.