A group of Takoda - Artist: Magdalena Partyka -

Commonly found in the deserts, forests and plains of Linerra, the Takoda people are among the most prolific of the “barbarian” people in Linerra. An amalgamation of various Native American tribes from the real world, the Takoda are skilled craftsmen, hunters and warriors as are most of the “barbarian” people. Where the Takoda truly excel is in their understanding of the natural world. It is rumored that even the Chatûl respect the Takoda understanding of the world and its cycles, even being said that the Chatûl believe the rest of humanity has a great deal to learn from these people.

Some Takoda tribes are nomadic, while others have developed a culture centered on agriculture. Some tribes are warlike and others are not. What binds the various tribes together is a respect for nature and a sense of honor that defies their “barbaric” reputation. Being raised in Takoda culture generally instills one with an awareness of the natural world and a respect for all creatures. A large number of druids and rangers are produced from the ranks of the Takoda, which should be no surprise given their cultural leanings. Takoda typically live either in portable tents and similar structures (for more nomadic tribes), or carefully constructed longhouses in semi-permanent villages (for more stationary tribes). They wear durable and well-crafted clothing made of hide and fur, and will often use precious stones and feathers for simple and practical ornamentation.

Cultural Advantages: Balanced. The Takoda people have a somewhat unique perspective on the natural world, and often realize there is a need to seek balance in all things. As such they value temperance and patience culturally, and are well known for their acceptance of the beliefs of outsiders.

Cultural Disadvantages: Trusting. The Takoda people as a whole do not believe in judging others. For a time, this cost them a great deal as many other cultures sought to take advantage of them. While the culture has changed somewhat to be more protective of its ideals, individuals within the culture may still be too open to outsiders or their influence from time to time.

Common Traits: Takoda typically become nature magic users, taking Verdant Oath or similar abilities. Animal Empathy is also common. Resist Element is fairly common, as with most barbarian groups.

Common Skills: Most Takoda learn how to use a bow at a young age. A Takoda male will often learn how to fight with an axe or a spear as well. Survivalist, Hunter, Tracking and Wilderness Lore are all equally common.

Heroes: Takoda view those with the Heroic Birthright Trait as warriors of the gods, believing that they are destined to serve a greater purpose. Because of this belief, it is rare for a Takoda Hero to not develop rather unusual Skills and seek to move out from the confines of her tribe – though a Takoda hero will always remain vigilant in case her tribe needs her to return.