The Blind Seer, the Steward of Wisdom, the Maimed Sage


A book with pale pupil-less eyes played across it on a sunburst field

Home Plane:

Celestial Plane


Knowledge, literature, cartography, history, enlightenment, blindness


Scribes, historians, seekers of enlightenment, students, sages, scholars, the blind


Craft, Fate, Foresight, Knowledge, Law, Magic

Favored Weapon:

“Omen” (longsword)


Solon was astonishingly intelligent from the moment he was created. At the moment of his birth he asked the One for wisdom and knowledge and his request was granted. Solon was possessed of a foresight and understanding only exceeded by Zörena. Before the Onûs unleashed the Darkstorm upon Sidereus, it was Solon who confronted him. Solon warned the Dark Lord that his machinations would only lead to his own demise. Onûs laughed at the young Ilith’ari and felled him in single combat, stealing his eyes and his right hand. Horribly maimed, Solon returned to his father too late to warn him of Onûs’s plot. When the One offered to heal Solon, he refused, surrendering to his wounded state as the price for his shortsightedness. As a reward for his dedication, the One granted him increased foresight. When Solon appears, he always appears as a maimed young man with jet black hair. His right hand is missing and his eyes are often bandaged. Despite his injuries, Solon fights with great fervor in battle, wielding his sword Omen with consummate skill.


Solon loves his family a great deal. While he is sometimes very distant from his family emotionally, he does care for them, but his pursuit of knowledge consumes him totally. Solon does not hate Onûs despite his injury. He knows the Dark Lord has the wound of loneliness and despair in his heart, and instead he pities the Void Serpent. Solon looks up to Zörena a great deal, and the Fateweaver has done much to teach the young Solon the ways of the Universe. Solon secretly loves Selora, but is afraid to tell her of his feelings for her because of his maimed condition. Zephyr and Solon share a deep and lasting friendship.


Seek knowledge wherever you may roam. Unravel ancient mysteries and share what you may learn with the people of Sidereus. Act on your knowledge, for information is power, and to be idle is a slight against all that is good in the world. Do what you can to alleviate suffering in all those you encounter. Information that is not written down is information that is lost. Teach all whom you encounter the gift of literacy, so that they may gain knowledge and help spread it among the people of Sidereus. Write or copy a text of value at least once a year and give it away. Spread knowledge wherever it is wise to do so.

Clergy & Temples:

Clerics of Solon are known throughout Sidereus as teachers and scribes, poets and storytellers. Clerics of Solon are charged by their lord to spread knowledge and wisdom wherever they go. Temples of Solon rarely exist in the wilderness, however at least a small shrine is present in almost every city in Sidereus. Clerics of Solon are always literate, since part of the rite of initiation into the church is learning how to read and write. Clerics of Solon typically wear brown robes with a blue trim. They do not typically wear jewelry, but nearly always have a book of some kind in their possession.