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In Sidereus there are a few groups and guilds of note. The Skyfire Fellowship is one of them.

The Skyfire Fellowships is exactly what it is - a fellowship. As a group they vote on their actions and send representatives as needed.

History: Its history however is relatively short comparative to others. It all started when a particular Nephel fell to the world. From there, the worshiper of the goddess of fate, Zörena, began collecting the people who would follow her and fulfill their collective destiny. The first found, Eisen who had asked his goddess Roëna for a sign. It was a long arduous journey the two undertook towards the south. Not soon enough, the second that was gathered was Nionel a gold elf who's dark past had turned back to Aarûn, and last the satyr-kin apprentice-mage, Cian. Thusly the few of the members that was assembled had been led to Stonelake to where the Harbinger blessed the gathered folk along with others that were tied to the grand fate that required their part.

The Skyfire Fellowship Reed: -To be determined for in-game-

Members: Members are divided by Elders and members and those not quite initiated fully or those that seem to hang about for the time being that fate deems so there are travel companions. They are loosely associated to the Fellowship. However there is no distinct measure of tout or weight between each other since the group is formed of mutual benefits, everyone votes, and if needed there are those who will vote to break any ties.

  • Lacrima - Elder, If one were to seek a leader she would be the one.
  • Eisen Russ - Elder, The main Emissary and most vocal of the Fellowship, and leader those of divine nature. Known as "Zealous"
  • Nionel El'daron - Elder, The leader of those with a warrior’s bent.
  • Cian - Elder, The leader of those in spell casting persuasion.

  • Melgrimm Blackstone - Travel Companion
  • Senta DeCado - Travel Companion
  • Selkyr - Travel Companion