The Dancer in Silver, the Moonmaiden, the Silver Hand


A circle of stars in a ring around the full moon

Home Plane:

Celestial Plane


Moon, stars, wanderers, navigation, astrology, women


Women, good lycanthropes, sailors, female spellcasters, navigators, astrologers


Foresight, Good, Joy, Magic, Moon, Protection

Favored Weapon:

“Lance of the Moon” (spear)


Selora is the daughter of Gilana and Sûldin, though she was conceived without the permission of the One, she was welcomed with open arms into the Celestial Court. Amin’Zerû welcomed Selora as her own and blessed her – granting her domain over the moon and the stars. Selora is also one of the three deities given domain over magic in Sidereus. Selora is kind and treats her followers warmly; however she does possess the emotional instability of her mother. When the Moonmaiden chooses to manifest in physical form, she appears as one of three aspects; a playful young girl, a lithe and graceful woman, or a wise old woman. Selora rarely ventures into combat, but when she does she carries with her the Lance of the Moon. This artifact was given to Selora by Amin’Zerû herself, giving the Dancer in Silver the ability to heal, and utterly smite the undead. Despite her apparent emotional coldness, Selora will often dance to express herself to her followers and others. All of her dances evoke powerful emotion, and there are few who can resist standing in awe of her performance.


Selora has a very close relationship with her mother Gilana, despite Gilana having fallen from grace with the One and the remainder of the Celestial Court. Selora and her brother Tallis are quite close, though they do not often have time to spend with one another due to their duties. Selora looks up to Aarûn a great deal, and while she doesn’t share his often warlike outlook, she does admire him for his stalwart devotion. Xi’rian utterly hates Selora, as the Moonmaiden’s influence has begun to encroach upon the tides of Sidereus, which are currently under Xi’rian’s domain.


The night is not a time to hide, but a time to celebrate. All of creation was meant to be good, do not let the minions of evil take the solemn hours of night from you. Celebrate the earth’s bounty beneath the light of the full moon. Be firm in your convictions, but kind and generous when it is required of you. Look to the stars for guidance, for there is a divine order to the universe and the heavens will always show you the way when you are lost.

Clergy & Temples:

The Church of Selora is a well-organized, but welcoming group. They open their arms to all as followers, but women tend to be more prevalent as worshippers of Selora. Individual temples of Selora are usually quite influential in their surrounding areas, offering shelter and solace to those in need. Clerics of Selora often act as midwives to the various races, and when expecting mothers are in need of counseling or any type of help the Church of Selora is sure to offer them aid. Nearly every female cleric of Selora is also a practitioner of arcane magic. Clerics of Selora typically wear pale blue or white robes with a silver trim. Depending on the phase of the moon, they may adorn their robes with jewelry made of opal, ruby, or sapphire.