A knightly order founded by three undead hunters. The first, a female silver elf known as Erendriel Variruusu, the only remaining elder of House Variruusu, had been the last survivor of a raid on her house by an elder vampire and his progeny. After aiding a young gold elf named Luthias Nieminen who was at battle with a pair of vampire spawn the two became fast friends. After the battle, they discovered they had both lost loved ones to the scourge of undead. Also being joined in thier mutual worship of Selora, their relationship deepened in significance. They travelled together for some time. After aiding a small Jade Elven settlment that was beset by skeletal undead led by a death knight, the two adopted a third member, a female Jade Elf known as Lin'Mei Shen joined them afterward. The three together decided to form an order to work to end the scourge of the undead once and for all. All being joined in the worship of Selora they called their order "The Order of the Silver Crescent".

Members of the Order of the Silver Crescent are often clerics of Selora. They are usually well trained in the arts of martial combat, and they wear their order symbol - a Silver crescent moon - with great pride. Any race is welcome to join, but the majority tend to be elves, with a few human members in addition.

They commonly dress in white, silver and pale blue to represent the colors of the moon and their roles as bringers of death to the deathless.