Founded by the Satyr warrior-cleric Jona Sederis, the Order of the Eclipse owes their allegiance to Dúnmharú, the god of Murder. Despite their rather dubious association with a lawless god, the Order of the Eclipse operates as more of a security organization. Specializing in any service that requires the creating or evading the defenses of organizations of any size, the Order of the Eclipse employs assassins, thieves, con-men and a variety of other ne’er-do-wells who have a reputation for skill in their chosen profession.

Often employed by governments who have no other means of handling certain difficult to control aspects of their society, the Order of the Eclipse is a crude - if effective - measure of last resort in extreme cases.

Heavily influenced by ancient Elven military techniques, the Order of the Eclipse specializes in sabotage, assassination, and personal security for a number of wealthy individuals.

The group is highly secretive, and information about the group is often very difficult to come by.