The Lord of Darkness, the Nightbringer, the Deceiver, the Void Serpent, the Betrayer


A coiled red king cobra preparing to strike on a black field.

Home Plane:

Elemental Plane of Shadow


Night, fear, intrigue, tyranny, darkness, lies, deception, hatred


Conquerors, evil warriors, tyrants, the power-hungry, murderers, liars


Evil, Darkness, Hatred, Law, Magic, Ruin, War

Favored Weapon:

“Void” (longsword)


Onûs is the fear in the hearts of men. Onûs was the instigator of the Celestial Wars, a crime for which he will never be forgiven. He is the betrayer of the Ilith’ari, and the lost child of Amin’Zerû. Since the First Age Onûs has fallen even further from his original darkness. His evil now consumes him, and he is wholly bent on destroying his brothers and sisters and all of their creations. Onûs and Gilana have been bound through dark ritual, and Onûs uses Gilana to further his own ends. Around the middle of the Third Age, Onûs found a way to communicate across the dimensions. Through his efforts he learned from his counterpart in another realm that the Halfling race was a significant threat to him and his plans. As a result, he had every Halfling across the face of Sidereus either captured or destroyed. It is unknown if any of the diminutive creatures survived. Onûs is also responsible for most of the dark creatures that inhabit Sidereus, as he used his evil magics to corrupt the creatures that had been created by his brethren.


Onûs hates Aarûn above all. He blames Aarûn for his fall and his loss of Amin’Zerû’s favor. Onûs does his best to coerce Gilana into believing he loves her, although he does not. He despises his daughter Perdita as she is constantly battling against him for aspects of his portfolio. The other Ilith’ari fear or despise Onûs as they know of his machinations and dark plans for the world of Sidereus. Only his son Sléachta respects and admires him, even looking up to his father and coveting his dark power.


Serve no-one but Onûs. Spread darkness wherever you go, snuff out the Light at every opportunity. Move under the cover of darkness, for day is a time of vulnerability. Strike out at your enemies when they least expect it, and crush them beneath your boot if they resist. Speak the truth only if it furthers your plans, for knowledge is power and it must be guarded jealously. Trust no-one, for trust weakens your resolve and makes you vulnerable to attack. Crush any who oppose the will of Onûs, and take what you desire through artifice and skill, lest it be taken from you.

Clergy & Temples:

The Church of Onûs is a complex organization of immense power. Each individual temple is ruled by a “Shadowlord” who oversees all of the temple’s members. In addition, the Shadowlord is commander of that particular temple’s army, and will march onto the battlefield himself if necessary. Temple hierarchy is decided through a rigid set of trials that culminates in divine intervention. If any temple bearing the name of Onûs violates this order, the other temples of Onûs will mobilize against it and bring it crashing down. Clerics of Onûs dress in armor covered in black robes. Their robes typically have a dark purple trim, and clerics of Onûs wear their holy symbols openly regardless of locale. If a fight occurs because of their faith they will battle on gleefully for their god.