Flynn Lawless
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Vital statistics
Title /
Player Name Lee Daniele Moretti
Gender Female
Celestial Sign The Guardian
Race Eidolon
Age /
Organization N/A
Occupation Explorer, Performer, Aspiring Seer

Flynn Lawless was born to August and Juda Lawless in the kingdom of Dalarnis. Blood Orc raids and much violence in her family’s community caused the three of them to flee their home in search of safe havens when Flynn was about 5 years old. Seeking stability and high knowledge for their daughter, August and Juda became spiritual and psychological advisors to a human noble in the southern region of the Dalarnis kingdom. Flynn was raised in the noble's court with human children and taught in the ways of fine arts, history, music, and combat training. Her parents taught her bits and pieces of her Eidolon heritage as she grew, but remained cautious about separating her too immediately from her peers. They sought a careful transition into knowledge of her psionic abilities and racial heritage. An emotionally empathetic and volatile child, Flynn was known for displaying concentrations of psychic energy when upset. Strange incidents such as accidentally reading a friend’s mind, or accidentally throwing concentrated energy were rare, but occurred during her childhood. Another strange and unexplained feat was her ability to wander into parts of the Wyld and return completely unharmed. Growing into her adolescence and early adulthood, Flynn was a known singer and storyteller in her region, and often performed in the noble courts of the area.

As she grew, her ability to control emotional energy shifted. Although her parents trained her well to keep her feelings under direct surveillance, her learned “human” behavior never seemed to fully integrate with her inborn Eidolon traits. Flynn became a restless young adult who had little impulse control of her depth of feeling. In her early adult years Flynn fled the court in search of adventure and traveled with a group of Elves who were close friends of her parents.

About 9 months after she left, she encountered a group of adventurers with who she faces many a foe to this day. Flynn is a skilled duelist and psionicist whose many encounters with both danger and chaos have earned her a valuable and respected place among her peers. Still possessing the odd trait of being unaffected by the Wyld in any form, Flynn has aided parties in exploring old ruins and historical landmarks commonly thought of as lost to the mist. She hopes to continually aid those who seek to regain what was lost to the Wyld.