Eleanor DuBessé
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Secretary to the High Magus of Dalarnis
Player Name Michelle Neveux
Gender Female
Celestial Sign The Judge
Race Human (Dalarnis)
Age 27
Organization The Office of the High Magus of Dalarnis
Occupation Secretary to the High Magus of Dalarnis
Lady Eleanor is well known as secretary to the High Magus of Dalarnis. She is known across Dalarnis and through much of Egoras and Fyndara as a lady of particularly fine breeding with a penchant for ferreting out trouble. She maintains close relationships with more than a few Inquisitorial Orders, and has been known to call upoon her Inquisitor watchdogs to eliminate any who insult or offend her. She is known to have a certain interest in rogues of any type, and has taken on more than a few lovers of a less than reputable nature.

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