Flaw (Physical)

You suffer from a disorder or illness that causes you to bleed very quickly. When seriously wounded, your body does not easily slow the flow of blood, and as a result it takes much less time for you to bleed to death than others.

Prerequisite: Endurance 5 or less

Penalty: This Flaw may only be selected once. This Flaw affects combat and cannot be “bought off” without the use of specific ritual magic and plot approval.

A character with the Easy to Kill Flaw is, surprisingly, easy to kill. A character with this Flaw bleeds for less time before they succumb to death and begin their “Death count”. This Flaw only takes effect once a character has lost enough of her Hit Points to be reduced to -1 hit point. This Flaw has no effect if the character is at 0 Hit Points and merely unconscious. The character only “bleeds out” for half the time she would normally (rounding down).

For example, a character with an Endurance Ability score of 5 would normally “bleed out” for five minutes. However, with the Easy to Kill Flaw, that character would instead bleed out for two minutes. A character with an Endurance Ability score of 1 does not “bleed out” and instead begins her “Death count” immediately if she is reduced to -1 hit point.