Calimon Nieminen
Vital statistics
Title None
Player Name E. Neal Belt III
Gender Male
Celestial Sign The Seer

(26 Nuallan, 2919 of the Third Age)

Race Copper Elf
Age 291
Organization The Resolute and Protective Order of the Grey Wolf (Greycloak Rangers)
Occupation Ranger
A ranger, hunter and warrior of no small skill, Calimon Nieminen enjoys a small amount of fame in the Silvermist Forest as one of the founding members of the The Resolute and Protective Order of the Grey Wolf. A Copper Elf by birth, Calimon was born during the final years of the Third Age, and clearly remembers the last strife-laden events of that tumultuous period.

Early LifeEdit

Both of Calimon's parents and five siblings were killed during the conflicts that occured in the wake of the Void War. Left an orphan at the age of 16, and forced to rely on the good will of the Copper Elf community in his home city of Nivala, Calimon was guided into the life of a Ranger. A common career for his people, Calimon's sullen outlook and preference toward being alone focused his natural ability and encouraged him to spend more time in the wilderness as he grew older. The oldest son of a large Elven family, now left alone in the world, he felt he could rely on noone but himself. Struggling to remain hopeful and true to the ideals he was taught in his youth, Calimon worked hard to protect the community that had nurtured him through his youth in an effort to honor the memory of his father - who was very well respected.

Adventuring CareerEdit

It was not long before wanderlust gripped Calimon's heart, urging him to see more of the world while he was still young. One month before his 115th birthday, Calimon left the protective walls of Nivala and set out to see the Human city of Greyridge. While traveling to the Royal City, he encountered a small band of Goblins harassing a traveling merchant. While Calimon was no stranger to battle or combat with Goblins, he was confused as to why a wandering merchant would be so unable to defend himself. Quickly dispatching the Goblin bandits, Calimon began to formulate plans for the organization that would eventually become the Greycloak Rangers.