Location Type: Small Village (Population 318)

Country: Egoras

Leadership: Curtis Rosenthal, Male (Human Male - Mundane)

Town Guard: Captain Rhys Crowne, Egoras Military (Human Male - Mundane), 11 Conscripted Militia

Real World Location: Wakefield, RI

Notable Inn/Tavern: The Lusty Maiden Tavern (Proprietor: Donovan Cross)

The town of Ashpond has a rather sordid history. (More details pending)

Trivia & RumorsEdit

  • Ashpond is the name of the village of Ashpond *and* the name of the lake that makes up the southern border of that village.
  • The village of Lyndon was once part of the larger town of Ashpond, but since the late Third Age the two have become disparate entities of their own.
  • Remnants of the once well-appointed structures that made up the older town of Ashpond can still be found buried in the dirt and mud surrounding both Ashpond and Lyndon.
  • Ashpond (the body of water) is actually a lake by definition - even though it is called a pond. This is the result of an ages old argument between the two founders of the town; a Dwarf by the name of Gorn Klorgirn and a Human by the name of Siania Northwind. Siania loved the lake and wanted it to be called Silverlake. Gorn would have none of it - insulted that the Human would so dismissively name a lake "Silverlake" when there was no silver to be plumbed from its depths. In his ire, he insisted it was "..nothing but a hole in the groud, a pond filled with ash and soot...". An argument ensued, finally resulting in Siania leaving the area, and Gorn becoming the first official mayor of the town now known as "Ashpond".